ProLon® ReSet 24-Hour Internal Body Cleanse

A 24-hour fasting program without giving up food that allows for cleansing like a 1-day water-only fast; it keeps your body fasting with simulated fasting™ technology, gives you a break from mindless eating, and helps you get fit through active fasting.

Take a break

Give your body a day off and get it back on track with active fasting without giving up food.

Internal cleansing of the body

Cleanse your body naturally.

Feeling better

Stop overeating and stop feeling overly full.

Active energy

Feel more energized with a 1-day reset.

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ProLon Reset - kit for 1-day fasting

ProLon Reset - kit for 1-day fasting

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*Produkt może zawierać gluten

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*If you have diabetes or are taking medications that affect blood sugar levels, consult your physician before starting any fasting or low-calorie diet.

*Consult your physician before starting any diet , supplementation, or exercise program.

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