Mental health allows us to properly manage all our natural functions, such as emotions, rational thinking and communication, and thus interact with the people around us, move around, perform normal mental and physical activities and manage stress.

Read the text below to learn more about mental health and how it relates to the ProLon fasting diet.

What is mental health?

Mental health is "a resource that helps us think, feel, relate and function"1

Unlike animals, the complex and fascinating mechanism of our mind allows us to act intelligently and combine rational thinking with primal instincts. Thanks to this balance, we can meet many different challenges and manage different activities in a more comprehensive way. Most of the time we focus on what we are doing at the moment, we know what results our behavior will cause, we can also think about alternatives and other possible solutions to the same problem.

Why is mental health important?

Our mind enables us to function on a daily basis and to reflect on what we can do to improve the way we function and relate to the world in the future.

Mental health is the basis of a conscious and active life. If people feel mentally healthy, active and relaxed, they are in control of themselves and their actions. Mental health allows you to live each moment intensely because you can focus on the moment itself and how to interact with it and the world around you, without any obstacles or hindrances.

The biggest enemy of mental health is stress. If you allow yourself to experience stress and bad thoughts, you will not be able to fully experience what is happening to you.

Stressful situations lurk around every corner, so you should work out a few simple solutions that allow you to deal with them in a simple and routine way. What are these solutions? Read on.

Mental health: some tips

Here are 3 simple tips on how to act in your daily life to take care of your mental health:

  1. Take breaks during the day, alternating periods of intense effort with relaxation;
  2. Sleep 7-8 hours and turn off all electronic devices while sleeping;
  3. Eat a healthy diet. Healthy food helps maintain physical and mental health. Products such as spinach and nuts are high in antioxidants and are great for improving memory and overall concentration!

Mental health and simulated fasting diet

Through carefully selected and calibrated foods rich in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, 5 Days of the ProLon Simulation Fasting Diet provides relief from stress-induced mental heaviness and allows you to better focus on your daily activities and enjoy clarity and clarity mind. Eating healthy ProLon supports mental health and helps you feel lighter, more energized and more focused.

Learn more about the benefits of the ProLon simulated fasting diet and how it can improve your mental health with healthy ingredients and a diet based on the practice of intermittent fasting!


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