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The ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet® is a proprietary plant-based restricted-calorie meal program that has been scientifically designed to provide the rejuvenative effects of fasting at the cellular level, while still providing the body with nourishment.

ProLon® is intended for use by healthy individuals who want to enhance their health and well-being and by individuals who struggle with weight and want to proactively manage their weight in an easy and healthy way.

FMD® provides the body with a scientifically developed combination of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins) and micronutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) designed to keep the body nourished while going through the rejuvenating process of the fasting state.

The diet should be taken for five consecutive days, after which the individual will transition on the 6th day and then resume their normal diet. The program provides a meal card that recommends how to consume the items for each day, but each day’s items can be consumed in any order you wish, as long as you only eat each day’s items during that day (do not carry them over to the next).

While the purpose of the diet is to trigger rejuvenation, weight loss may occur. Everyone is different, and weight loss depends on a number of factors. In a clinical study of participants who completed a 5-day ProLon® cycle once a month for three months, the average weight loss at the end of the study was about 5.1 pounds. This was primarily abdominal fat, while lean body mass was preserved.”

It is best to avoid non-prescribed additions to the protocol, including dietary supplements. The clinical studies did not include additional ingredients, and we are still learning what effect these additions may have on the protocol. For prescribed medications and dietary supplements, we recommend consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

If you have a medical condition, then you must reach out to a healthcare provider to determine your suitability for ProLon®.

Healthcare providers who desire to sell or recommend ProLon® must first register on www.prolonpro.com.

Fasting on a restricted diet for 5 days is not for everyone. In certain situations, a healthcare professional can help determine if ProLon® is a safe choice.

We recommend to follow the clinical trial once per month for three consecutive months. After completing the 1st three cycles, you can do the program from time to time when you are looking for rejuvenation.

The ProLon® diet has been carefully curated and scientifically tested to be consumed consecutively. Therefore, we do not recommend rotating boxes or food items between days.

You can find all the information in the ProLon® transition meal plan prolon.eu/what-is-prolon/

ProLon® provides the body with a scientifically developed combination of micro- and macronutrients designed to keep the body nourished while going through the rejuvenating process of the fasting state. A published clinical trial supports ProLon.

The proprietary dietary formulation is based on decades of scientific research, including preclinical and clinical trials put together to mimic fasting, while optimizing nourishment. A published clinical trial supports ProLon®.

Health benefits are sustained up to three ​months after completing 3 cycles of ProLon®.

ProLon® is ideal for resetting and rejuvenating. To date the current clinical studies have assessed benefits only after three cycles (once a month for three consecutive months).

Use ProLon® as directed and recommended on the program meal card. The ProLon® fast should be balanced with a period of refeeding so one can benefit from cellular clean-up that occurred during the fast.

ProLon® has been studied in a wide range of individuals with different caloric needs and found to be safe. The overall meal program was effective at inducing a fasting state in people with a wide range of body mass index (BMI), and the L-Drink is dosed per individual body weight to provide just enough glycerin to support fasting mode.

It is not recommended to omit foods. We recommend to follow the program as directed and consume all the food. The ratio of nutrients was developed to maintain nourishment while being fasting mode.

The ProLon® diet has been carefully curated and scientifically tested to be consumed consecutively. Therefore, we recommend eating all foods in each day's box. If there is any leftover food, this should not be eaten on a different day in the cycle.

The 5-day cycle has been carefully designed based on preclinical and clinical data, and therefore we recommend consuming all five days as directed to the extent possible.

The diet has been carefully designed based on preclinical and clinical research, and we do not recommend that you consume anything outside of the diet.

Unfortunately, there are no substitutes for the foods in this diet. However, we have two different versions of the program that you can chose from. ProLon® Original & ProLon Soup Variety 2.

roLon® FMD® is well tolerated by most individuals. Common complaints reported in our clinical trial were fatigue, headache, and difficulty with concentration. Complaints are mild and tolerated for most people.

EFSA has set average requirements (ARs) for energy intake for adults, infants and children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. The ARs provide a best estimate of the energy needs of population groups within Europe and will help policymakers to develop and monitor nutrition programmes to promote public health including the establishment of food-based dietary guidelines. More information can be found here: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/press/news/130110

While we did not measure muscle mass, ProLon® demonstrated preservation of lean body mass. Lean body mass is (bone + muscle/ everything else in your body) in clinical trials.

The level of ketone production while on ProLon® is variable. Some may experience a mild state of ketosis, while others do not throughout the duration of the fast. The average ketone level has been shown to be elevated by day five of ProLon, although individual levels may vary.

As food, ProLon® does not require FDA approval.

ProLon® provides the body with a scientifically developed combination of micro and macronutrients designed to keep the body nourished while going through the rejuvenating process of the fasting state.

Extreme hot temperatures, should be avoided as this may increase the risk of fainting.

ProLon® is not recommended for those that have nut allergies. The product contains: macadamia nut, pecan, and almond.

Herbal teas outside of the diet are fine as long as they are unsweetened and caffeine free.

Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to two pieces of sugar-free gum per day is allowed.

Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to 1 wedge of lemon per day is allowed.

No more than 1 teaspoon of combined salt, herbs and spices per day can be added to the soups to enhance the flavor. Additionally, it is best to stick with unprocessed spices, such as red pepper flakes.

All types of sparkling waters are fine as long as they do not contain artificial sweeteners, non-nutritive /non-caloric sweeteners, and/or nutritive sweeteners.

It is better not to consumed but if you are experiencing caffeine withdrawal you can have eight fluid oz of coffee with nothing added, or 16 fluid oz of green/white or black tea.

ProLon® contains some products that are made with organic ingredients, but they are not certified organic.

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid.

The L-Drink contains glycerol and it is intended to preserve lean body mass and support hydration.

Is made of purified water, vegetable glycerin, natural flavors, citric acid, and potassium sorbate (to protect freshness).

If you have a concern, please review the ingredients label here (link to the doc) or take the label and have a discussion with your Healthcare Provider. ProLon® is formulated with ingredients that do not contain gluten or lactose.

Yes, ProLon® is free of gluten-containing ingredients.

We suggest to avoid strenuous activity while on ProLon®. Exercise may impact the outcome of the fast and increase potential complications. We encourage slow pace walking, stretching, mobility exercises and light yoga while on the 5-day program.

You can find a list of the science and research behind FMD on our website: Scientific Studies

We suggest to not do ProLon® if you are actively breastfeeding.

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